About us

     PCT Business Company Limited was legally established and licensed by the Ministry of Labor on 2 October 2013, providing sub-contract services. Labor delivery Assemble the work And delivering products with a team in recruiting Thai employees and a team for recruiting Thai workers, as well as preparing Thai labor documents legally

OUTSOURCE Staffing Company
1. Thai labor contractors Procure production department in the factory
2. Hire to assemble parts such as air conditioner parts, iPhone screen, car parts, pump parts, steel parts, TV as ordered
3. Hire to transport goods from containers, warehouses, warehouses (arrange products in warehouses, arrange items up to containers, loader)
4. Contracting labor for production
5. A professional outsourcing service provider for you.
6. Professional personnel management, consult, solve labor problems.
7. Recruiting Thai employees

our service
- We accept all types of work
- Receive packing and deliver products

What you get from choosing PCT Business Recruitment Company Limited
- Reduce the time to find employees.
- get employees to meet the needs of customers
- able to increase and reduce the staff rate
- Reducing the preparation of various documents by the company will send staff with work experience to help take care of all


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